I received the Ashro spring 2014 edition catalog and was horrified to think ANYONE would think I would be interested in such trashy looking clothes.

Next time send me Neiman Marcus or Tiffany catalogs or magazines like W, Elle or Vogue, or designers like Mark Jacobs and Versace. Just don’t send this classless junk!

I hope I don’t get rogued by this company since I would NEVER order this ***! I just want off the mailing list so I am not offended by the “Ghetto Fabulous” sights of this catalog in the comforts of my home.

I hope to find the responsible person.

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please send me the catalog please to my emial curacao_26@hotmail . com my name is florencia .m cornet

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, United States #862668

This is a review? Are you an adult?

Are you really a customer of any of those companies? It is common sense to toss or give away unwanted and unsolicited magazines.

Taking your time to go around complaining about "junk mail" means you probably have nothing to do (or even a job). I came here to see if this company was reputable to order from but childishness like this is not only misleading but a time waster.


Get off your so called high horse if you don't like the catalog just throw it away. Dam

Tucker, Georgia, United States #841485

You problemly don't have a dime. Don't knock it if you don't like it.

Everyone can't afford n.m.

or the other expensive stores.you may not afford them either. Maybe riding someone else coattail, or a huge unpaid credit bill.


Offended because you are a white person receiving a black catalog?


Why so angry, just call the company like I did and ask to be removed. Maybe if you are polite someone will not judge you.


It was me. Sorry.

But you're kinda trashy so I thought you'd like these clothes. So sorry.

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