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I was trying to say they applied only 3$ of the 15 overpayment and ate up the rest in bs service fees yeah to transfer an overpayment to main and monroe the sister company they tool 12.00 as a service fee. Well we will see how fun it is for them to be investigated b y the Attorney General, its devistating to some people, especially when you have to work two or even three jobs to pay your bills.

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ok we all know my crisis with Main and Monroe, well there sister company Ashro, hit me with a late fee, yeah I just called in to pay off my balance, my bill was 118. they charged ,me a late fee and service charge so they could get an extra 12$ from me and when I asked why I was being charged the late fee since technically my bill is not due until the 31st well they couldn't give any answer other than they can charge a late fee anytime they want.

As well a 15$ over payment that I applied to them they only . I have contacted the Attorney Generals Office both in Wisconsin and Illinois and I am, awaiting the forms hopefully I will be able to recover some of the monies I feel these companies have stolen from me. And how these little B.......

people can even sleep at night. Sorry that you like your job so much that screwing with peoples finances is fun.

Monetary Loss: $1500.

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After this I won't order. IT sounds LIKE especially yours. :( :x

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