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I made the mistake of ordering some clothing and shoes from Ashro and that is where the nightmare began. I received call after call on reference to my order, either they had part of it or it would be several weeks before all items were sent.

The items I did get were of such poor quality that I sent them.back and the other items I told them to cancel and not send. Every since then I have been getting a bill....I keep asking why am I getting a bill I don't have any of the items what am I being billed for. They continue to tell me they will take care of it and every month I get a bill. I have called their worthless and useless customer service every month since late last year and always get the same response, they will take care of it; yet nothing has been done.

I also told them to cancel my account, take me off the mailing list and stop calling me...to date NONE OF THIS HAS BEEN DONE!!!!

This is the WORST company I have ever experienced. Do yourself a favor and NEVER EVER order from this company, the customer service is completely and totally useless.

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Since I just found out Ashro is not black own I will be paying what I owe off which is not much and closing that account

to Sandra #1460114

They target african descendants. I thought they just were not racially biased.

Best thing to do.

Buy American. American made Americans paid.

Chicago, Illinois, United States #1334324

I have tried to call AShro over and over again. No one answers the phone or it's a recording.

They have my money and I have. No product.

This is definitely a headache. I won't ever order from them.

Saint Augustine, Florida, United States #1327874

thanks for the heads up!!!

Chicago, Illinois, United States #1319653

Agreed horrible. Messed up my account never reimbursed me for returned clothes###

Dorchester Center, Massachusetts, United States #1312118

I have had no problems what so ever with ordering from this company Ashro is great I got everything that I ordered except for one pair of shoes I called them and about a week or two it arrived and everything was in good condition so no complaints here...

to Anonymous Salt Lake City, Utah, United States #1336523

I have been with this company 6 years ...I have never had a problem.. On orders, returns never had a problem...


I ordered from Ashro. I love my skirt, and plan to order another one.

The quality is great too. I will continue to shop at Ashro.


I have no complaints... I have placed two separate orders and soon to place another one....

never had any problems with receiving my orders.... Thanks Ashro, love your styles.....


I no they keep saying I owe them but I don't

Denver, Colorado, United States #1237633

I agree their clothes, shoes. and handbags agree of the cheapest quality and doesn't hold up to the slightest wear of any kind All you have said is true, I have received things from them before and I was shocked at the workmanship. With all of the manmade fiber in their clothes I am sure that they are made cheaply in an overseas market with a heavy markup.

Birmingham, Alabama, United States #1236871

I did place an order with ASHRO and I had to return my order and I was given credit on my account. One thing that I wish that ASHRO would do with their sizes, is to have their shoes start in a size 6 for of all us that has small feet.

I love the shoes in the catalogs, but they start as a shoe size 7 which is too big for my feet. So there anywhere you can start your shoes in a smaller size.

I will be happy to order some of them. Thank You Very Much!

Bellevue, Washington, United States #1199605

I so agree with the statement above I order a dress in March of this year , I yet to see the dress and when inquiry about it the same answer we will take care of it. Terrible Terrible company worthless clothing. Please don't buy from this company save yourself the aggravation.

Fairfield, California, United States #1193901



I have been ordering from this company for years, and I have not ever had a problem their merchandise is good quality .So I will continue to order from this company kudos for the company.

Columbus, Ohio, United States #1126641

I have been buying from ASHRO since they have been online. They have always taken care of any problems in a reasonable time and too my satisfaction.

As long as they sell stylish and fashionable clothing I will be getting their products. I sew and have done design.


I have no complain love your stuff and i always get my order on time


I purchased the Afrocentric jewelry and had it for a special occasion so I didn't wear it right away. Two months later I wore it but it was heavy around my neck and the clasp broke before I could get out the door.

Needless to say, they never replied to my email complaint. Don't buy the jewelry even though it looks good with the outfits, it seems to be very cheaply made.


Shopping for clothes online, whether you buy them from a big box store or a custom clothier, unfortunately comes with the worry that because you're buying a clothing item sight-unseen, it does however come with the stress of possibly having to return whatever you buy. Many people still shy away from doing so, and for perfectly valid reasons.

Fabric is a telltale indicator of whether an article of clothing will look "cheap," so the section on the product page with more details on the materials is crucial.

As a general rule, natural materials (cotton, linen, wool, leather) are good. Man made stuff (acrylic, rayon, acetate, nylon) is a little more risky.

It's certainly not impossible for those fabrics to look nice, but knowing what you're getting in advance will make a difference in your expectations, (You were going to don that polyester ensemble for an outdoor summer wedding? Hope you like being a human hotbox.)


I have ordered several pairs of shoes and dresses ... I have not had a negative experience as of today ...

Ordering a dress for an special occasion again from this company ... If I have a negative experience I will be sure to post ...

but ... as of right now they are good with me.

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